What is the best eyelash glue?

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You will of course find the best eyelash glue at Oh My Lash. But what makes an eyelash glue so good? Naturally, the quality and ingredients of the product itself play a role, but what the best eyelash glue is (for you) also depends on the application and the environment. Is it important that the glue dries quickly or a little slower? Are you a novice eyelash stylist or advanced? What are the environmental factors like in your salon, such as temperature and humidity?

We are happy to tell you what you should take into account and we have listed six top picks from our range for you.

Best eyelash glue

You may already feel it coming: it is very difficult to make a general list, a real top 3, 5 or 6, because it just depends on what you need.

Are you an advanced eyelash stylist and do you like a fast pace? Then, for example, the INSANE All season glue one of the recommendations. This eyelash glue is oil and water resistant, very low in vapors, dries within 0.5 - 1 second, is super strong and has a retention of no less than 12 weeks. Moreover, it can be used all year round. This makes it an incredibly nice eyelash glue to work with.

Do you have less experience in applying eyelash extensions? Then the Attitude a nice option with a drying time of 2 seconds. Low in vapors, can be used at a temperature between 15 and 50 degrees and at a humidity between 15% and 80%.


Take the drying time into account!

Dry in an instant? Which can! Some eyelash glue dries in no time, others take a little longer. Advanced stylists will prefer to work with a quick-drying eyelash glue. If you are a beginner, it is wise to choose a glue that dries a little slower. What works best for you? Sometimes that takes a bit of research and experience.

The season also influences the drying time of the glue. The temperatures were and will remain high in the near future. A high temperature and/or high humidity causes the glue to polymerize faster. This results in a weak connection and therefore poor retention. Sometimes you brush the extensions out straight away. Here are some tips on what you can do:

Six toppers from our range with associated properties

In the overview below you will find our Top6 eyelash glue toppers!

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