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Are you looking for eyelash extensions for your salon? Oh My Lash! is the online wholesaler for eyelash extensions in Zwolle. With us you will find everything you need as a professional eyelash stylist.

We attach great importance to the quality and safety of our products and the service we provide to our customers. Our eyelashes are not tested on animals.

At Oh My Lash we have a wide collection eyelash extensions for both the One by One technique and the volume technique. All our eyelash extensions are made from Polybutylene Terephthalate fibers, or PBT. Take for example the Silk, Mink or Faux Mink eyelash extensions.

The advantage of One-by-One eyelash extensions from PBT is that they remain curled better, are stronger and much softer and are also more natural.

The different types of eyelash extensions

We understand that sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees, especially if you have just started applying eyelash extensions. On this page you can read more about the materials for eyelash extensions and on what basis you can make choices.

Let's start by saying that all high-quality synthetic eyelash extensions are made from Polybutylene Terephthalate fibers, or PBT.

PBT fibers

PBT fibers are more expensive than standard synthetic eyelash extensions. Synthetic eyelash extensions are made of acrylic and were mainly used in the past. PBT eyelash extensions also retain the curl better, are stronger and many times softer and more natural than synthetic eyelash extensions.

Silk, Mink and Faux Mink are all made from PBT fibers. The difference in the various types of eyelash extensions available is not only in the quality of the PBT fibers used, but also in the way in which the eyelashes are manufactured.

Eyelash extensions are thinner at the tip than at the base of the eyelash extension, because they are ground into a point. In this way the shape of the natural eyelash is imitated.

Sharpened point

You have eyelash extensions that are 2/3 of the point sharpened, making them softer and lighter. And have a beautiful, natural appearance. 

There are also eyelash extensions that are 1/3 sharpened in the tip, which gives them a little more weight, is a little less soft and gives a fuller, glamorous look.

There is also a difference in the finish. One type has a glossy finish, while another has a more matte finish.

Face lady applying eyelash extensions

What is Silk, Mink or Faux Mink?

What is often thought and mentioned is that Silk eyelash extensions are shiny, Mink eyelash extensions are matte and that Faux Mink eyelash extensions the most imitated of the Real Mink lashes. 

It depends on the manufacturer how different types of eyelashes are produced and what name the manufacturer has given to these different eyelashes. This means that Silk lashes can also be matte and that Mink lashes can be shiny.


From manufacturer A, the Silk eyelash extensions can be shiny and 1/3 of the way sharpened at the tip. While manufacturer B's Silk eyelash extensions are matte and 2/3 of the way sharpened at the tip.

Trademark owners will generally use the manufacturer's name. The brand you work with will therefore have a clear difference in the various types of eyelash extensions they offer.

As an eyelash stylist, it is therefore important to read the product description carefully when purchasing eyelash extensions, so that you are not faced with any surprises.

* The Real Mink eyelashes are made from real mink hairs. We do not use these, because our products are not tested on animals and are EU registered.

Eyelash extensions and eyebrows

The quality of the curl

The different ways to give the eyelash extension the desired curl (by dry heat or steam) also influence the quality and the way in which the eyelash extensions hold the curl. Curls may also differ from each other per brand. Never use different brands in a set of eyelash extensions.

Oh My Lash has Midnight Affair / Faux Mink Lashes en Femme Fatale / Luxury Silk Lashes in its range. Both are deep matte black with a very subtle shine. The Midnight Affair eyelash extensions have slightly more shine than the Femme Fatale eyelash extensions, but this is hardly visible.

The difference between these two types is the sharpened point. The Midnight Affair has a longer sharpened point than the Femme Fatale Eyelash Extensions. The Midnight Affair has a more natural look than the Femme Fatale, which gives a more glamorous look.

The Midnight Affair is available in thicknesses (diameter eyelash extensions) 0.18, 0.15, 0.12 and 0.10 for the One by One technique. For the Russian Volume technique in thicknesses 0.10, 0.07, 0.06, 0.05 and 0.03. In addition, it has a wide range of different curls and lengths, namely the B, C, CC, D, M, L and L+, curl and in lengths from 4mm to 14mm.

The Femme Fatale is available in thicknesses 0.07, 0.06 and 0.05, which means they are only used for the Russian Volume technique. These are available in C, CC, D, M and L curls, and in lengths 6 to 14 mm.

And what about Flat Lashes and Premade Fans eyelash extensions?

The Flat Lashes are a true game changer! When eyelash extensions came onto the market, a lot of work was done with 0.20 and even 0.25 thickness eyelash extensions for the One by One technique. This turned out to be too heavy for the natural lashes. This ultimately caused damage to the natural eyelashes.

The manufacturers have developed Flat Lashes based on this. These flat lashes are flat at the start and then end in a point. This means they have half the weight or even more than half the weight. They also feel super soft. The retention is better than with the Mink and Silk lashes due to the flat base.

With these new One by One eyelash extensions it is possible to give the customer the full mascara look without damaging the natural eyelashes due to overload.

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Split tip flat lashes

The latest development in the field of flat lashes are the split tip flat lashes. These are the flat lashes that Oh My Lash has in its range: the Double Date – Flat Cashmere Lashes, where Double Date stands for the split tip and Cashmere indicates how soft they are.

These flat lashes have a split point for a beautiful and fluffy effect. The Double Date – Flat Cashmere Lashes are available in thicknesses 0.15 and 0.20 in the C, CC and D curl.

Ultra Soft Matte Flat Cashmere Lashes

Eyelash extension training

Do you want more information about eyelash extensions, but are you not yet sufficiently trained in this and would you like to do so? 

Then start immediately with the One-by-One eyelash extensions course, this is the basics for every novice eyelash stylist.

Or are you already a stylist but are you perhaps still a bit insecure in your work? Or do you want to improve your techniques or learn new techniques?

Premade Volume Fans

The next game changer; the Premade Volume Fans! Premade Fans are pre-formed volume fans. Developments in this area have also taken place quickly and the time when Premade Fans were harmful to natural eyelashes is over.

Previously we knew preformed eyelashes with a large amount of glue, also called bun lashes or tufts. These bun lashes were also thick and stiff. Now we have thin and soft lightweight eyelashes. They are bonded by a minimal amount of glue or joined together using heat.

To start working with Premade Fans you do not need Russian Volume training to be able to make the right fans. And you don't have to practice this for weeks or months to gain some speed and to make nice, even fans, so that the set also looks sleek.

You must of course be aware of how much D you can place on a natural eyelash. The number D represents the number of extensions that are attached together to form the fan. For example, 3D stands for 3 extensions and 4D stands for 4 extensions, etc.

If we place too large fans on thin eyelashes, this is harmful to the natural eyelashes. The eyelashes can break off and/or permanently change the position and growth of the natural eyelashes.

And further...

The arrival of the Premade Fans is actually very annoying and frustrating for the stylists who have been in the dust for this. It is not easy to master this technique. But ultimately they also benefit from this, because the time needed to install extensions is much shorter than before.

We certainly don't have to give up craftsmanship, because it is of course still great fun to post Premade Fans. It can sometimes be very useful, such as the busy period before the holidays, a pregnant customer or a customer who cannot lie down for that long. Another great advantage is that the handmade volume fans close more over time due to sebum secretion and the Premade Fans always remain in shape.

Oh My Lash also has the Femme Fatale Lashes in the Premade Fans. With the same specifications, only the preliminary work has already been done!

The techniques and the eyelashes will undoubtedly continue to be developed. We will of course monitor this closely to always continue to provide our customers with the best quality.

Remove eyelash extensions

As an experienced or novice eyelash stylist, you know better than anyone that it is very important to remove eyelash extensions in a professional, safe and careful manner. Always check the current condition of the customer's eyelashes before treatment. Based on this, you determine which technique you use to remove eyelash extensions and prevent damage to the natural eyelashes. You want to be sure that the customer's natural lashes remain healthy and strong.

We always recommend using a special eyelash glue remover, such as a cream or gel remover. By using a cream or gel remover you ensure that the eyelash extension glue is dissolved, causing the extensions to separate from the natural eyelashes. This way you can easily remove the eyelash extensions without the customer having an unpleasant experience.

Have you removed the eyelash extensions? Always check whether there is any glue residue or other products on the customer's eyelashes. This helps to revitalize the natural lashes and prepare them for the next eyelash treatment!

Do you remove eyelash extensions because the eyelash extensions have grown out? Then as a stylist you will probably opt for the banana peel technique. To perform this technique, a little pressure is applied to the adhesive area and then separate the extension and lash.

Are you not an eyelash stylist? We would like to emphasize once again that it is best to have eyelash extensions removed by a specialist to prevent damage to the eyelashes.

Applying eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions are very popular among women, but also among men. For example, eyelash extensions are applied to get fuller eyelashes or longer eyelashes and are often available in different variants, different lengths, thicknesses, curls and colors.

At Oh My Lash! you will find a wide range of eyelash extensions that are placed according to the One by One and Volume technique. With the One by One technique, an eyelash extension is placed on one natural eyelash hair. With the Volume technique you place an eyelash extension on the natural eyelash, which consists of several hairs.

If you want to start applying eyelash extensions, make sure you have received proper training. At Oh My Lash we offer various eyelash stylist training courses. In our training you will learn all the skills you need to apply a beautiful set of eyelash extensions.

Having eyelash extensions applied is completely painless, but does take some time.
We place an average of 80 to 150 eyelash extensions per eye. Therefore, you should definitely count on one and a half to two and a half hours of treatment time, depending on the technique.

Did you know that in addition to a wholesaler, we also have a salon? Do you want to have eyelash extensions applied? Make one today Appointment.

Eyelash extensions 3D

At Oh My Lash we offer high-quality eyelash extensions that can be applied with both the One by One technique and the popular 3D technique. With the One by One technique, one extension is accurately placed on your own eyelash, creating a subtle and natural look. You use this technique if the customer wants a refined eyelash extension that accentuates their own eyelashes and improves the appearance of the eye.

If the customer wants more volume and a more striking look, we recommend the 3D technique. This involves placing multiple extensions on one eyelash. Ultra-thin silk lashes are used to create a beautiful fan effect. These fans are then attached to one natural eyelash, resulting in a lush, full glance.

With the 3D eyelash extensions a beautiful 3D effect is achieved, thanks to the extra volume that is created. Despite the added volume, the result still remains very natural, because very thin eyelashes are used. This technique is perfect for anyone who does not have many eyelash hairs, but dreams of beautiful, full eyelashes.

Whether you choose the refined One by One technique or the striking 3D technique, at Oh My Lash we ensure that you get the best quality eyelash extensions. Our extensions are made from high-quality materials and added to our range with care.

Are you ready to help your customer further? Then discover the most beautiful extensions at Oh My Lash.

Eyelash extensions Russian Volume

Did you know that there is also a masterclass in eyelash extensions Russian Volume Lashes? A training that is interesting if you have been working with this technique for more than six months. In the masterclass you will learn advanced techniques and receive professional tips from experienced eyelash stylists who have years of experience with this specific technique. Our trainers will guide you in perfecting your skills so that you become a true expert in creating full, beautiful lashes.

To participate in the masterclass Eyelash Extensions Russian Volume Lashes, you must be in possession of a valid Russian Volume certificate. This is to ensure that all participants start from experience and are familiar with the basic principles of eyelash extensions.

We recommend that you do not participate in the masterclass until you have been familiar with the Russian Volume technique for about six months. This gives yourself time to gain sufficient experience before immersing yourself in the more advanced world of Russian Volume technique.

At Oh My Lash we strive to offer only the highest quality training. That is why we have put together our masterclass Eyelash Extensions Russian Volume Lashes in such a way that you gain all the necessary knowledge and skills to properly apply the Russian Volume technique. Ready to provide your customers with the most beautiful eyelash results!

Invest in your career as a stylist and register for the Russian Volume Lashes masterclass today.

Cat eye eyelash extensions

Cat Eye eyelash extensions, everyone has heard of a Cat Eye. One person thinks it's great and the other just loves it. If you are a true Cat Eye lover, you know that it is a striking look, where the length of the eyelash extensions increases and the longest eyelash extensions are placed in the outer corners. You create a seductive and glamorous glance with it.

At Oh My Lash we also have these Cat eye eyelash extensions in our range. We often use the Midnight Affair or the Femme Fatale lashes.
Whether you go for a more subtle cat eye look or a more intense one, we have the right style and length for you. Our eyelash extensions are made of high-quality synthetic fibers that give a natural look and are comfortable to wear.

With cat eye eyelash extensions you can really let your eyes speak. They are perfect for special occasions, such as parties, weddings or photo shoots, where you want to shine with an irresistible glance. You can also wear them every day to give your look an extra touch of glamour.

At Oh My Lash we understand that quality is essential when it comes to eyelash extensions. That's why we only offer the best Cat eye eyelash extensions that have been carefully selected based on durability and comfort. Our eyelash extensions are easy to apply and last a long time, so you can enjoy beautiful, full eyelashes.

Get ready to shine with cat eye eyelash extensions from Oh My Lash. Order your favorite style today and create the perfect cat eye look that draws all the attention to your eyes!

Frequently Asked Questions

It is best to have eyelash extensions removed by a stylist to prevent damage to your own eyelashes.

The stylist removes your eyelashes using a cream or gel remover. The cream and gel ensure that the glue is dissolved, causing the extensions to detach from your own lashes.

The average growth cycle of the natural eyelash is 60 to 90 days. Then your own eyelash will fall out and with it the eyelash extension. This cycle differs per person. Your own eyelashes are also all in different phases of this cycle. On average we lose 2 to 5 eyelashes per day per eye.

If we assume a loss of 3 eyelash hairs per day, this means that after one week we have lost about 21 eyelashes, after two weeks 42 and after three weeks 63. This means that an infill is necessary after two to three weeks to maintain the eyelashes. to maintain nicely.

Eyelash extensions are individual eyelashes that are glued hair by hair to your own eyelashes. The eyelash extensions lengthen and thicken your own eyelashes, giving you a very beautiful and natural effect. You can do everything with the eyelashes, such as swimming, exercising and showering. The glue has a strong bonding force and can therefore withstand quite a bit. However, the lashes and the glue must be properly cared for for the best results.

The biggest difference between One by One extensions and the Russian Volume technique is the amount of lashes that are placed on an eyelash. With the One by One technique, one extension is placed on a natural eyelash. With the Russian Volume/2D-6D eyelash extensions, 2 to 6 ultra thin extensions are placed per natural eyelash hair. The Russian Volume eyelash extensions are ultra thin and therefore not harmful to the natural eyelash.

If you want to order Russian Volume eyelash extensions, then you have come to the right place at Oh My Lash. We have a wide range of Russian Volume eyelash extensions.
Oh My Lash has Midnight Affair / faux mink lashes and the Femme Fatale / luxury Silk Lashes in its range. Both are deep matte black with a very subtle shine. The midnight affair eyelash extensions have a little more shine than the Femme Fatale eyelash extensions. But that difference is minimal. The biggest difference between these two types is the sharpened point. The Midnight Affair has a longer sharpened point than the Femme Fatale eyelash extensions.


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