Displays & Lash Holders

Keep all your products safely stored, well protected and close to hand with our special display & lash holders. Tweezer stands, storage boxes. luxury glass plates, tweezer cases, organizers... Everything you need in this area can be found here. Our well-known products, but also limited editions and luxurious versions such as displays in pink or white marble. 

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Display and lash holders for the salon

The display and lash holders from Oh My Lash are a must have for all stylists! To work easily and clearly, use a lash holder to place the eyelash extensions. With a lash holder you can make a picture for each eyelash type so that you can easily and quickly get the right curl and thickness for the customer. Categorize the eyelash extensions in the way that works best for you. You can easily clean and disinfect the lash holders.

Our displays provide convenience and a luxurious appearance. By using the displays you have everything at hand and you can work comfortably.

Provide comfort

Comfort for your customer is very important during an eyelash extension treatment. Therefore, make sure you purchase one or more lash pillows for your salon. A lash pillow supports the customer's neck and ensures that you can do your job better.

Another advantage of the lash pillow is that the surface is somewhat wider. You can place the glass plate next to the customer's head, so that it is easier to work for yourself.

A lash pillow is a valuable investment that contributes to the success of your eyelash extension treatment. At Oh My Lash you will find lash pillows in black and pink.