Glue eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions must of course be securely attached. Fast, within 0,5 to 2 seconds? This is possible with the right eyelash extension glue! View our range of eyelash extension glue here. We are happy to give you advice, so please always contact us if you have any questions.

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Eyelash extensions glue Oh My Lash!

With 10 different types of glue eyelash extensions we are the largest provider in the Netherlands. The biggest difference is in the drying time of the eyelash extension glue. What's the best glue for eyelash extensions? Take into account the temperature and humidity of the room in which you are working.

Use one for this Hygrometer / Thermometer. Or view the table describing which adhesive is best used in a specific environment.

Eyelash extensions glue

Looking for the fastest glue on the market or do you prefer to work with an eyelash extension glue that dries a little slower? At Oh My Lash! we know that there are many different personal preferences. Oil-resistant, little to no vapor, no irritation, can be used at a certain humidity... Whatever you find important in an eyelash extension glue, we try to keep our glue range as wide as possible.

For example, are you looking for an eyelash extension glue that can be used all seasons? That is possible with the Insane. This works at a humidity between 30% and 90% and at a temperature of up to 35°C. Very low in fumes, super strong and also oil and water resistant. With a drying time of 0.5 to 1 second, it is only suitable for the advanced eyelash stylist.

Or go for the friendliest eyelash extension glue for the eyes; Sweet Love Sensitive Glue. This has a base of butyl acrylate and is used in hospitals as a skin glue. Previously this could not be used as an eyelash extension glue because it was too weak, but thanks to a new technology, this glue has a retention of 8 weeks and a drying time of 1 second. We are fans!

And also a bit obsessed... Because with our latest eyelash extension glue Obsessed you go for a champion. This is the fastest glue on the market with a drying time of 0.1 second. Are you very experienced? Then this might be the eyelash extension glue for you.

Remove eyelash extension glue

Always advise your customer to go to a salon when it comes to removing eyelash extensions. You obviously use the best products to remove the extensions safely, quickly and without damage to the natural eyelashes. A precise process and that is why you will find Oh My Lash! the best products and tools to do this professionally and well.

As an eyelash stylist, you can easily remove eyelash extension glue with the right products. For example, use our Let's Break Up – Pink Gel Remover. Apply the gel remover to the eyelashes with microbrushes and let it work for a few minutes. Then you can remove them effortlessly.
A remover that removes eyelash extension glue super quickly and powerfully and is at the same time super gentle on the eyes? That is, for example, the Strawberry Cream Remover. This product causes little to no irritation. After two minutes of application, the eyelash extensions glue releases and the eyelash extensions are easy to remove. And the name doesn't just come from somewhere; This remover has a wonderful strawberry scent. This makes removing eyelash extensions a wonderful job!