A good one caregiving of the eyelashes is very important, both before and after a treatment. In our range you will therefore find various products, from lash shampoo to cleaning brushes, but also disinfectant and magic gloves.

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Cleaning eyelash extensions

Eyelashes function to keep dirt and moisture out of the eye. When you wear eyelash extensions, this support surface is extended, trapping even more dirt and moisture in your eyelashes. This is ideal in itself, but then it is even more important to clean your eyelashes properly.

It is best to advise your customer to clean the eyelashes daily with a shampoo that has been specially developed for eyelash extensions. An example is the Be Lovely Lash Shampoo. This cleaner has been developed with the aim of cleaning, disinfecting and disinfecting the entire area around the eyes without weakening the adhesive. This cleaner can also be used as aftercare for eyelash extensions. It contributes to strengthening the natural eyelashes from the roots and keeps your eyelashes clean, fresh and healthy.

Care before and after a treatment

Good care of the eyelashes is very important, both before and after an eyelash extension treatment. At Oh My Lash you will therefore find various products, for both you as a stylist, but also for the customer to purchase from your salon.

Take, for example, the lash shampoo for eyelash extensions. Handy mini lash shampoo packaging that you can give to your customer but also sell in your salon. It will encourage the customer to keep the eyelash extensions clean.

Also consider ours, for example aftercare cards that you can give after the treatment. Cards with the correct aftercare instructions for home use. Cards that will help the customer to properly care for his or her eyelash extensions for a long-lasting beautiful result.

Eyelash cleaning before applying eyelash extensions

It is important to clean the lashes of dirt, oils and eye products prior to the treatment. This ensures good adhesion of the eyelash extension glue. Oh My Lash has various products in its range for this purpose. Please contact us if you have any questions