Eyelash extensions

Oh My Lash is the online wholesaler for eyelash extensions in the Netherlands. In our range you will find a wide variety of eyelash extensions, such as One by one (OBO), Volume, Pre- and Promade eyelash extensions. Available in different lengths, curls and colors. Eyelash extensions are made from a synthetic fiber called PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate) and can be used on natural eyelashes to create an extension or voluminous effect. 

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Applying eyelash extensions

The eyelash extensions are placed with 2 tweezers and a special glue suitable for use around the eyes. There are different drying times for the glue. The choice of adhesive depends on the humidity and temperature in the room. But also whether you have just started as an eyelash stylist or already have more experience.

A must-have for you as an eyelash stylist is our speed up solution. It may happen that the humidity in the salon is too low, which means that the glue does not dry quickly enough. Then use the speed up solution to accelerate the hardening process of the eyelash glue. In the meantime, you can continue with the treatment.

Remove eyelash extensions

You put on eyelash extensions eyelash glue. Depending on the type of eyelash glue, the eyelash extensions can be applied within a few seconds. It is possible to change eyelash extensions or remove them, use a gel remover to remove the eyelash extension effortlessly.

There are two different ways to remove extensions. First you can use our strawberry cream remover for this. If you want to remove the entire set of eyelash extensions, use the let's break up gel remover.

Would you like to remove an eyelash extension because it has grown out? Then use the banana peel technique. Apply a little pressure to the adhesive part with the tweezers and then carefully pull the extension and the eyelash apart.

Extend the life of eyelash extensions

The aftercare of eyelash extensions is very important. As a stylist, you can also contribute to the lifespan of your customer's eyelash extensions. How?

Make sure that you always use a cleanser/primer to properly clean the eyelashes and extensions before you start the treatment. We have 2 different types, with alcohol, Sweet Kiss, or the Love potion. We also have 2 different ones without alcohol, Mrs. Always right or the Instant crush. The alcohol content is very minimal, but sometimes necessary for customers to properly degrease. It is useful to have both products in the salon.

Once you have finished placing, always check the set for stickies. This prevents eye pain, which in turn ensures that the customer does not touch her eyes. As an after treatment you can use our Stuck on you superbonder. This ensures that the adhesive vapors are encapsulated and the adhesive cures flexibly, increasing lash retention by up to 30%.

Always recommend a Be Lovely Lash Shampoo to your customer. This allows you to keep your eyes clean and care for them. This also ensures that the eyelash extensions stay in place better. Our advice is to use the appropriate cleaning brush. These are available in 3 types. The Rhinestone brush, the OML Foam Brush or the Eyelash cleaning brush.

When not to put eyelash extensions

If a customer has an allergy to acrylics, carbon or has very sensitive eyes, it is not wise to place eyelash extensions on this customer. Even if a customer has alopecia or is receiving chemo treatment, you are not allowed to place eyelash extensions on the customer. The hair follicles are too weak and extensions can only cause damage. The advice is then to use the Mrs. Lash Lift PRO growth serum. This could also be done in combination with the 3D Gold filler mascara.

What are Mink eyelash extensions?

We can best explain this by describing the differences between synthetic (mink) eyelashes and Silk Silk Eyelash Extensions. The Silk Silk Eyelash Extensions are more flexible and softer than the Mink Eyelash Extensions and also finished with a very soft silk coating.

The clear difference between Mink and Silk Lashes is the flexibility; With the Mink Eyelash Extensions the hairs are firmer than the Silk Silk Eyelash Extensions. The silk eyelash extensions move with the natural eyelash hairs. Both qualities are very pleasant to work with and deliver a beautiful end result.

The Mink Eyelash Extensions are handmade from Korean PBT fibers. PBT fiber is a high-quality synthetic material. The Mink Eyelash Extensions differ from regular synthetic eyelashes because of the coating with which they are finished. The Mink lashes are finished with a Faux Mink Coating.