Good tweezers or tweezers are indispensable during your work! At Oh My Lash! you will find tweezers for different purposes. From fine lash tweezers for picking up the finest eyelashes to tweezers that help with insulation. For example, for picking up we have tweezers that are suitable for the One by One technique and tweezers that are suitable for the volume technique.

All tweezers / tweezers have been tested by the experts at Oh My Lash! Store them in our beautiful tweezer holders. Discover our range.

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Tweezers for eyelash extensions

Tweezers, also known as nippers, are an essential tool for picking up and applying eyelash extensions. Tweezers are available in different types, including isolation tweezers and placement tweezers, each of which performs its own function.

Eyelash tweezers are used to pick up individual eyelash extensions from the eyelash tray and place them accurately on the natural eyelash. It is also used to separate the natural eyelashes.

For placement tweezers, special volume tweezers are available, designed to grasp multiple hairs at the same time. These volume tweezers are used to create and place a volume fan.

The latest tweezers

Looking for the ultimate grip? Then you definitely need the new one Nano Tech 2.0 to attempt. These eyelash tweezers have a slightly longer and thinner end than our bestseller, the Nano Tech Mega Volume Tweezer. Effortlessly pick up the thinnest eyelash extensions on the strip. Available in rose gold.

Also new is the Ready For Me 2.0 volume tweezers. These tweezers also have a slightly longer and especially thinner end, making them super fine and easy to use. Which tweezers do you choose?

Storing tweezers

Take good care of your tweezers! Protect your favorite tweezers in a tweezers case, such as this limited edition tweezers case made of PU leather. It can store and carry up to six tweezers, available in black, pink and white, combining style and practicality.