Premade and promade fans

Premade and promade fans are ultra-light ready-made fans that are attached with very little glue (premade) or connected by heat (promade). Not yet much experience as an eyelash stylist? Then go for premade fans, these are easier to work with. Have some more experience? Then the handmade Promade fans are highly recommended.

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At Oh My Lash! we have both the Promade fans and the Premade Volume Fans in our range. These are ultra-light fans that are attached with little glue (the Premade Volume Fans) or connected by heat (the Promade fans).

With Premade Volume Fans you get very close to fans that are made by hand. The perfect ready-made solution! You create beautiful volume eyelashes of good quality in relatively little time. Premade Volume Fans are also easy to work with because of the thicker base. Nice for you as a stylist, but also for the customer!

Have you progressed? Then the handmade Promade fans are highly recommended. Here you will find different fans. Choose Super Fans for a fluffy effect, Narrow Fans for a beautiful and dark look, Wispy Fans for a Kim K look or go for spikes; 5 extensions in a very narrow range and available in different curls.

New! From now on you will find the best of both worlds in the Premade Professional Fans. These have a thinner base than the original Premade Volume Fans, but are still suitable for the novice stylist.

Work with Promade or Premade Volume Fans? follow the basic training One by One via Oh My Lash!. Our award-winning trainers not only teach you the skills to create beautiful looks, but also the theory behind eyelashes.