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SPMU Couture Color pigment – ​​Dark blond


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Cool and ashy color for people with light skin and all tones of blonde hair (think light blonde, medium blonde and dark blonde). This shade is darker than Taupe.

We have a wide range of pigment colors in the SPMU Couture color range. These consist of the basic colors (often used for the first treatment, can be used alone or can be mixed with each other), and the special colors (these colors are often mixed to apply color corrections).

The SPMU Couture pigments are made on the basis of shellac. The colors are bright and stay that way for a significant amount of time. Despite the high pigment concentration, the products remain very fluid and therefore suitable for the fastest stylists.

An optimal particle size for pigment particles is 2 µ-meter. The SPMU Couture pigments contain particles within the range of 0.5 to 5 µ meters, so that the particles spread excellently in the skin for the best color result.

The SPMU Couture pigments contain calcium-sodium-phosphorus-silicate, a 100% biocompatible substance that replaces regular cosmetic preservatives. It is bactericidal and antifungal. The mineral substance is not seen as foreign and promotes wound healing and prevents itching.

The pigments do not contain preservatives because this can lead to an allergic reaction in exceptional cases.

As a basis for the SPMU Couture pigments, only pigment substances produced in Europe are used, which guarantees safety. The pigments do not contain iron oxide or nickel components that can sometimes cause a red discoloration. The absence of iron oxide makes the pigment MRT safe. (Magnetic Resonance Tomography). The product also contains no alcohol.

The SPMU Couture pigments are made without using AZO dyes as prescribed by European guidelines. Each batch is tested in a lab to ensure this. Tests are also carried out to guarantee the absence of heavy metals.

SPMU Couture pigment is 100% free of the carcinogenic PAH (Poly Cyclic Hydrocarbons) and NDELA (Diethanolnitrosoamine). This is continuously tested during production.

The SPMU Couture pigments are manufactured in a sterile environment and are mixed in a vacuum during manufacture to prevent contamination.

The SPMU Couture pigments are not vegan due to the use of shellac. There is no animal testing for our products. The basis is exclusively a dispersion agent for cosmetic and pharmaceutical use. Cheap raw materials are not used to reduce costs.

The entire manufacturing process is automated and documented from purchase of the basic raw materials to analysis, production and sales and therefore meets the highest quality requirements in the world.

The pigments contained the following raw materials: Aqua, Propylene glycol, Glycerin, Hamamelis Virginiana extract, Calcium Sodium Phosphosilicate, Peg-8, Shellac, Polysorbat 80, Ammonia. Pigments: CI 11767, CI 200310, CI 51345, CI 56110, CI 561170, CI 561300, CI 56300, CI 73907, CI 74160, CI 74265, CI 77005, CI 77266, CI 77891.

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Product information

Cool and ashy color for people with light skin and all tones of blonde hair (think light blonde, medium blonde and dark blonde). This shade is darker than Taupe.

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