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Oh My Lash provides eyelash extension courses and training for both novice eyelash stylists and advanced eyelash stylists with Oh My Lash's high-quality products. In addition to being a wholesaler in eyelash extensions, we are THE training center for fitting eyelash extensions!

Eyelash stylist

Face lady applying eyelash extensions

We provide eyelash extension courses and training for both the novice eyelash stylist and the advanced eyelash stylist with the high-quality products from Oh My Lash!

Brow stylist

Face lady updating eyebrows
For the training in the field of Browstyling we use the latest products on the Browtastic market, of which we are proud to be a recognized trainer.​

Mrs. Lash lift​

Eyelashes lady applying eyelashes
This eyelash lift with additional treatment with the 3D Gold Lash Filler and Keratin & Collagen Laminator which ensure thicker, longer and extremely healthy eyelashes is unique in the Netherlands!​


Eyelash extension course

Do you want to have a eyelash extension course to follow? Then you are at Oh My Lash! entirely right. We are the training center for applying eyelash extensions.
With our training you will become a certified eyelash stylist!

Our eyelash extension courses are given at various locations in the Netherlands and Belgium. The courses are for the novice eyelash stylist, but also the advanced eyelash stylist. You can easily register for our courses.

Our trainers always give our eyelash extension courses to a maximum of two students. This way there is sufficient attention for you as a student. Do you have any questions after the course? Then you can always give us a call. We are happy to help you!

Training locations

Are you curious about where you can take which training?


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