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Training Classic One by One

A craze in the beauty field is eyelash extension using the One by One technique.
In our training you will learn all the skills you need to apply a beautiful set of eyelash extensions.

Please note: You must bring your own model for this eyelash extension course.


The cost of the training is €425 excl. VAT and includes an extensive starter kit with which you can treat approximately 50 customers (worth €229,35).


If you achieve sufficient results, you will receive an official Oh My Lash at the end of the day! certificate.

starter kit

Your starter package consists of professional eyelash products from Oh My Lash! These eyelash extensions are of very high quality and give the best end result.



  • The eye
  • Eye disorders
  • The natural eyelash
  • Eye shapes and styling
  • Explanation of types of eyelash extensions
  • Customer consultation/intake
  • Applying eyelash extensions
  • After Care
  • Allergic reactions
  • Glue
  • Tips and tricks
  • Theory book Oh My Lash!
  • Double Date Flat Lashes C Curl 0,15
  • Double Date Flat Lashes C Curl 0,20
  • Double Date Flat Lashes D Curl 0,15
  • Double Date Flat Lashes D Curl 0,20
  • Sweet Kiss – Lash Cleaner 15ml
  • Be Lovely Lash Shampoo
  • Eyelash cleaning brush
  • Micropore Tape
  • Transpore Tape
  • 20 Mascara brushes
  • 100 Microbrushes
  • Air pump
  • Pick Up Tweezer
  • Insulation Tweezer
  • Attitude master Adhesive 5 ml
  • Strawberry Cream remover 15 ml
  • Glass plate
  • Flowercups

Oh My Lash Starter Kit Classic One by One

On this forum you will be provided with tips and tricks, the latest developments in the eyelash industry, you can share your experiences and receive feedback on your work for even better results. This way you stay continuously trained.

If the results are insufficient, you can still take a free test after a period of intensive training. It will then be assessed whether you are eligible for our certificate


Oh My Lash! strives to keep that quality high in the eyelash industry. That is why we offer you the opportunity to receive one within 6 months free perfection training to follow.

During this training we will dot the i's and cross the i's and discuss what you have encountered in practice



When you register, we also ask you to pay immediately. Would you rather not pay the entire amount at once? In the pop-up at Choose your training, choose the deposit of € 100.

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