Lash Volume Lift Mrs. LashLift

Mrs. LashLift

The Mrs. Lash lift is a great treatment and a real addition to your salon.

This eyelash lift with additional treatment with the 3D Gold Lash Filler and Keratin & Collagen Laminator which ensure thicker, longer and extremely healthy eyelashes is unique in the Netherlands!

Customers will be very satisfied time and time again with the result, which is visible for no less than 6 to 8 weeks! 

During the all-round lash lift training you will receive an explanation about the products and we will perform the treatment on a model you bring with you.

Please note: You must bring your own model.


The costs of the all-round lash lift training are € 299,- excl. VAT. This includes the extensive starter package worth € 149 excl. VAT.


The training consists of 3 hours in which theory and practice are discussed. The duration of the workshop is approximately 75 minutes.

Masterclass costs

The costs for the masterclass Mrs. For LashLift (only upon presentation of a previously obtained LVL certificate), you only pay € 199,00 excl. VAT. This includes a goodie bag.

Products Mrs. LashLift

Mrs.'s products LashLift have been developed with the safest and highest quality ingredients. This makes Mrs. LashLift succeeded in creating a Lash Volume Lift system with very short application times. But, still extremely mild and safe to use without damaging the natural eyelashes. Mrs.'s products LashLift have been assessed as completely safe by approved assessors and registered with CPNP (European Cosmetics Governing Body) to comply with Regulation (EC) 1223/2009. 

About Mrs. LashLift

With this revolutionary Lash Lift treatment with a maximum of 11 minutes of application time including tinting, it is possible to provide your customers with full lifted eyelashes that remain beautiful for weeks. This makes the use of an eyelash curler unnecessary. Lash lifting is the latest technique in the beauty industry and can be used on all eyelashes.


When you register, we also ask you to pay immediately. Would you rather not pay the entire amount at once? In the pop-up at Choose your training, choose the deposit of € 50.

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