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At Oh My Lash we are proud to introduce Viva La Coco, your go-to brand for sustainable beach towels. Viva La Coco offers stylish and eco-friendly towels that are perfect for any beach day. Is made from recycled materials, these towels contribute to a cleaner ocean and a better environment. With their compact, lightweight and quick-drying design, they are both practical and comfortable.


Each towel is made from recycled plastic bottles, contributing to a cleaner planet.

Stylish design

Available in various trendy designs to match your unique style.

Compact and lightweight

Perfect for on the go, easy to carry without taking up much space.

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Ready to make a difference? Visit Viva La Coco and discover the full range of sustainable beach towels. Perfect for any beach lover who also cares about the environment.

Viva La Coco journey and mission

We love palm trees and holidays in their shade. Our passion for travel started young and led us to beautiful destinations. We once started in Ibiza, but three years ago we explored more exotic places. In Mexico we saw beaches full of plastic, in Mauritius we saw stray dogs, and in Thailand Viva La Coco was born.

We wanted to give something back to the nature and animals that enriched our trips. With our experience in the beauty industry we started Viva La Coco. We offer sustainable travel towels, made from 30 recycled bottles. This way you contribute to a cleaner planet. Products for a holiday feeling at home and in the garden will soon also be available.

We want more than sales. That's why we support charities for nature conservation and animal welfare. Every purchase helps with this, so that together we make a positive impact.

At Viva La Coco we believe in the power of travel and caring for places visited. We share travel reports full of tips and inspiration. Join us and let's give something beautiful back to the world together.

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