Why eyelash extensions?

Why eyelash extensions?
We give you 10 reasons!

'Hey, you put eyelash extensions on, right? 'Is that really so ideal?' Or: 'Eyelash extensions are only temporary, why should I start with them?' Do you also receive this question (or questions) regularly? And do you want to be able to advise your potential customers well, so that they make an appointment? 

We give you no fewer than 10 reasons why having eyelash extensions can be interesting.

Why eyelash extension? Because…


...it saves you time in the morning and evening

Not everyone is a fan of thick layers of makeup, but mascara is everyone's friend. A little mascara can do wonders for your look. The product lengthens your eyelashes, provides more volume, and makes your eyes bigger. But applying mascara takes time and removing it takes time. You don't have that problem with eyelash extensions. If they fit well, you don't have to worry about that anymore.


...you can enjoy long-lasting results

Eyelash extensions last for weeks. That means getting up morning after morning with an immediate fresh look. Ideal if you often run out of time in the morning or simply want to look good at all times. Also useful if you have a profession where you can be called up at the most impossible times.


...you save money on makeup

If you have eyelash extensions, you will save on the costs of mascara, removers, cotton pads and/or expensive eyelash curlers. And maybe on more products! Because because your eyes draw attention, you may have to pay less attention to your complexion, lips or eyebrows.


...they are waterproof

Are you going swimming, exercising or will a shower fall on your head? Don't panic, your lashes will remain beautiful unchanged. Rain or sweat won't bother you anymore, because you don't have to worry about mascara running out.


...they have a natural appearance

While that slightly thick layer of mascara can sometimes cause an unnatural effect, you will not have this problem with eyelash extensions. They are designed to look and feel natural. They just look like your real, own lashes, but longer and with more volume.


…they keep your lenses 'clean'

Do you wear lenses? Then eyelash extensions are a perfect solution. Mascaras that lengthen your eyelashes often contain microfibers that can crumble. This 'dirt' can end up in your eyes and therefore on or under your lenses. Waterproof mascara is also a no-go, because they can leave permanent stains on your lenses.


...it can boost your self-confidence

Beautiful eyelashes can increase your self-confidence. You feel more attractive and confident. The latter in particular has an enormous impact on many levels. Do you have to give a presentation or are you, as a receptionist, the face of a company? Then it's nice to feel good, because you radiate that.


...it accentuates your eyes

We mentioned it before (when saving money), but eyelash extensions ensure that your eyes are extra accentuated. So do you want your eyes to 'pop' and attract all the attention? Maybe because you already have beautiful eyes or because you want to divert attention from something else? That is certainly possible with eyelash extensions!


...you do not suffer from clumps on your eyelashes

Clumps can form when your mascara is a bit older. Not very nice, because those lumps look unkempt. Clumps, but also sticking eyelashes; you avoid it with eyelash extensions.


...you can choose your own style

Last but not least! As a salon owner, you know this better than anyone, but do your (potential) customers also know what options and techniques are available? Whatever look you want to create, it is possible with the right lashes and technique.

So…why eyelash extensions? Whether this question is asked by a mother with young children (it saves time), a sports enthusiast (no smeared mascara during exercise) or that pretty girl who wants to look her best 24 hours a day (long-lasting results); there is always an appropriate answer to this question.

Do you have someone to convince?
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Let your customers shine.

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